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strongly rooted

The Moorish irrigation system of terracing the fields has stood the test of time and still serves our siete bancales today. The roots of our vines are up to 20 metres deep and connect to the groundwater. This characteristic enables the plant to supply itself constantly and sufficiently, even in dry periods. The unique microclimate produces mild winters and, with its many hours of sunshine, ensures full-bodied natural wines that clearly reveal the oasis from which our wines originate.

unique wines shaped by nature

We share the self-sufficient way of life of our vines. Thus, it is our guiding principle to neither add nor leave out anything, even during the ageing process. We rely on natural processes and enjoy the delightful aroma and taste of our Aitana grapes. The health of the vines, which we tend with great care and our own hands, is important to us. Fermentation is spontaneous. Our wines are low in sulphur, naturally filtered and clarified. The result is very individual wines with a strong character, which do not fit into any pigeonhole. ... Only in ours.

immune-strong vines

By avoiding the use of pesticides, which disrupt the natural metabolism of the vines, as well as through loving care of the vines and attention to healthy yeast, we ensure a functioning immune system of the plants. Our way of working can be compared to a good waitress in a restaurant: We are reserved, but very attentive and empathetic when we are needed.


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